Swing Fit

What is Swing Fit?

Swing Fit is Australia’s national women’s program to increase and promote female participation in golf and is available to new and existing golfers. The Swing Fit program runs over a 6 week period and each session lasting 75 minutes. Swing Fit exposes beginner golfers to the basic movements and skills of golf, in a social and supportive environment. Existing golfers experience specific golf conditioning activities alongside skill development and refinement.

Swing Fit target audience:

  • Beginner: Female participants that have rarely or never played golf before
  • Intermediate: Female participants who are currently participating in golf, seeking additional skill, development and practice, low/mid level conditioning and social golf opportunities.

Swing Fit targets the following two categories: Young Adults (18-39 years); and Older Adults (40+ years)

Participant Outcomes

Participants can expect a range of positive outcomes to health, wellbeing and golf skill development at the conclusion of the program.

Health and conditioning

  • Increased range of movement and flexibility
  • Improvements in upper, mid and lower body conditioning
  • Improvements in cardiovascular health


Golf is social and the program includes seamless social interactions to foster friendships within the sport.

  • Program structure facilitates socialisation between participants
  • Structured positive and simple feedback keeps the talk going and mood high
  • Laughter, talking and fun are all a high priority of the program

Skill development

Beginners will learn the basics of golf in a fun, simple and games based environment including:

  • The basic golfers stance
  • Get your hands on a club
  • Swing and move your body like a golfer
  • Hit the ball and watch it fly
  • Putt with poise and precision
  • Refine your aim & alignment
  • No thought required

Intermediate and advanced participants will develop and refine their skill set through a more detailed and refined skill acquisition approach.