Terms & Conditions - Club Mandalay

Terms and Conditions

Before beginning your round at Club Mandalay, please read the terms and conditions below.

Dress Regulations

A neat and tidy appearance is required AT ALL TIMES.

There is strictly NO BYO of alcohol to the Clubhouse.

Golf Course: Men & Ladies


Golf shoes with soft spikes only (no metal spikes permitted)

Tailored pants or shorts (3/4 length pants and cargo pants permitted)

Collared Shirt (not required for ladies)

Socks (short socks and anklets are permitted)

Not Acceptable

Football, board shorts or gym shorts


Denim of any description, tracksuit pants or leggings

Thongs, sandals or work boots

Shoes with no socks

Terms and Conditions

Find our dress code on page 11. All golf course rules are from page 10-13.

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