A neat and tidy appearance is required at all times. There is strictly no BYO of alcohol to the Clubhouse and golf course

Golf Course

Men & Ladies

  • Golf shoes with soft spikes only (no metal spikes permitted)
  • Tailored pants or shorts (3/4 length pants and cargo pants permitted)
  • Collared Shirt (not required for ladies)
  • Socks (short socks and anklets are permitted)

 The following are not acceptable items of dress

  • Football or board shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Denim jeans or tracksuit pants
  • Thongs or sandals
  • Shoes with no socks


Smart casual is the minimum dress requirement for entry into the restaurant.

The following are unacceptable in the restaurant:

  • Soiled clothes and shoes
  • Clothing with inappropriate slogans or prints
  • Swimwear
  • Singlet tops (men)
  • Thongs or bare feet

Cafe & Urban Grocer

  • Tops or singlets are required at a minimum to be worn
  • No bare feet are permitted, footwear must be worn
  • Clothing with inappropriate slogans or prints not permitted